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We are the dairy farm families who work hard every day caring for our animals and the land so that we can bring you – and consumers around the world – fresh, great-tasting, wholesome, and nutritious dairy products.Learn More
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10 Reasons to Raise a Glass to Eggnog This Holiday

So this year, raise a glass of eggnog to eggnog – the perfect drink to imbibe during the Yuletide – and check out some of the fun facts we’ve found.
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5 Oatmeal Recipes to Warm Your Soul This Winter Season

Mmmm. When the snow’s falling, oatmeal is the perfect dish to warm you up.
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Reviving a Western Kansas Community, One Drop at a Time

Across the country, farmers know that every drop of water counts. Here's how one farm is making a difference.
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What Does This Ski Racer Do with the Cows She Wins?

Some athletes win medals. Others win cash prizes. On Saturday, December 20, ski racer Lindsey Vonn cinched a World Cup downhill victory and won a calf.
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