Dairy Cows Star in New Documentary
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Sometimes unique solutions can come from unusual places — including cows.

In fact, after hearing how Vermont dairy farmers were transforming cow poop into electricity to power their farms and hundreds of local homes and businesses, Vermont native and Emerson student (now graduate) Allison Gillette knew the story needed to be shared.

With the help of fellow students, Gillette produced the feature-length documentary film Cow Power, which tells the story behind an innovative collaboration that has helped save some family farms in Vermont and deliver valuable benefits to the community.

To fund the project, which premiers digitally on August 13, the group turned to Kickstarter. Within a month, the team reached its funding goal.

In the film, Gillette presents an optimistic view of how contemporary agricultural challenges can be solved with advancing technology, forward-thinking investors, and sheer determination.

Like farmers across the country, the three Vermont farm families in the film were struggling with the economics of high feed costs, land development pressures, and their desire to sustain their farm into the next generation. They found a solution with the help of a dedicated local electric utility manager, local and state government, and neighbors and local businesses willing to pay a small premium for the opportunity to purchase  renewable ‘poo power.’  Long Trail Brewery and Green Mountain College are among the local supporters of the program.

Dairy farmer Marie Audet of Blue Spruce farm plays a starring role in the film. Blue Spruce Farm was a 2012 winner of the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards and is just one of many U.S. farms who are seeking and adopting innovative solutions like this one.

The film premiers August 13 on various digital channels, including Amazon Instant, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU, ILoveDocs and iTunesClick here to view the trailer, and to learn more visit CowPowerFilm.com.

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