4 Reasons Milk can Benefit Your Workout

July 01, 2013

After a long and grueling workout, grabbing a drink to rehydrate and recover is a no brainer.

But figuring out exactly what to drink may not be so obvious. Research shows that milk can be just as beneficial for the body as some sport drinks. We’ve outlined four reasons why milk can be an option for your post-workout routine

1. Milk can help your body recover from a strenuous workout: Milk contains carbohydrates, which can help refuel your muscles, and protein, which can help reduce muscle breakdown and stimulate growth post-exercise. 

2. It can help your body rehydrate and refresh: Milk’s electrolytes can help you restore fluid lost during exercise. Not only that, a study found that drinking milk can help you maintain hydration for hours after your workout.  According to the study, those who drank milk after working out were still hydrated hours later. 

3. Milk can help you maintain muscle: Milk helps build strong bones and the nine essential nutrients in milk can provide a variety of positive health benefits, including helping maintain healthy muscles.

4. It’s a healthier alternative: According to research, low-fat and fat-free milk offers a more nutrient-rich alternative to traditional sports drinks.


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