Dairy Family Offers an Insiders Look at Their Farm

My husband Tom and I are grateful to work on our family’s dairy farm here in Indiana and provide food for people each day.

We have always felt that opening our farm’s doors to the public is the best way to educate people on what it takes to produce milk. We love that visitors see the care and respect we have for our cows and the environment.

Dairy farmers across the U.S. know we have an important story to share, but we also know it’s not realistic for everyone to visit a farm. That’s one of the reasons why our industry created this site that allows dairy farmers to tell our story.

We recently hosted reporter Alexis Glick at our farm to produce a series of videos that will appear periodically on this site. The first video talks about our farm’s history and how we got started in the dairy business.

We think this is the next best way to bring the farm experience to you and to show that a dairy farm such as ours truly is family owned and operated. We hope you get to know us a little better and we’re able to show you what goes into producing the dairy products you enjoy!