Dairy Farmers Committed to Producing Safe Wholesome Milk

Our cows are the No. 1 priority every day at our farm. We’re third-generation dairy farmers who grew up learning that the needs of our cows come before anything else.

This means that they receive a nutritious diet, all-day access to drinking water and comfortable housing that protects them from bad weather. It also means they receive treatment approved by a veterinarian when they become ill.

We have a strong partnership with our veterinarian. We work together for the same purpose – to humanely treat any sick cow with the best resources possible. Sometimes, this means we use antibiotics.

We do what’s in the best interest of our cows so they can resume being a healthy part of our milking herd. For dairy farmers, it’s really no different than a parent treating a sick child. In fact, just last summer we had a cow get pneumonia and she received penicillin, just like we would have if we had developed pneumonia.

Consumers can rest assured that the milk they enjoy is as wholesome and as safe as ever. Cows are only given antibiotics under conditions approved by a veterinarian. Once a cow is given antibiotics, she continues to be milked but her milk is discarded and it never reaches the consumer. Once she is healthy, we test a sample of her milk. Her milk will not be sold until we know it is clear of any drug residue.

As farmers, we take the quality of our milk very seriously. In fact, all of our milk goes through stringent testing here at the farm and again at the processing plant. These tests are overseen by the Food and Drug Administration and state regulatory agencies. There are stiff financial penalties in place for farmers whose milk tests positive for antibiotics. We could even lose our license to sell milk.

We want consumers to know that we do our jobs each day with a lot of integrity. We do this because it’s the right thing to do for our cows. We also do it because it’s the right thing to do for the people who enjoy our dairy products.