How Ice Cream Experts Improve Your Favorite Frozen Treats

For some of us, it only took a few notes of “Pop Goes the Weasel” or “The Entertainer” to have us dash outside to meet the ice cream truck, a dollar bill in hand.

After exchanging the dollar for a favorite ice cream novelty, ice cream bliss would ensue.

Throughout the years, ice cream companies have discovered ways to make our favorite frozen treats better and better. For example, ice cream experts have found that they can change how ice cream melts. Adding food gums, like FDA-approved guar gum, to a classic ice cream recipe can make certain ice creams thicker and melt more slowly. This works perfectly for a number of ice cream truck treats, including ice cream sandwiches. That means that you can enjoy your ice cream sandwich without worrying that it’ll melt into a puddle after only a few bites!

So the next time you hear the ice cream truck drive by, you can feel good knowing that your summer treat is just the way you like it.