How Smart Snacking Can Improve Your Day

We’ve all experienced the power of a snack. No matter if you’re struggling with brain drain in front of a computer or racing around town running errands, we all know what it feels like to take a moment and refuel with a snack.

Perhaps that’s why many adults, teens and even kids have some sort of snack throughout the day. Not only are more people snacking, but they also snack more often.

While it can be easy to indulge in anything on the go, taking the time to make smart snacking decisions can be a key role in a healthier lifestyle. How? Let us explain.

Choosing healthy snack options can help increase the odds that you’re getting all of the daily servings you need from the food groups. For example, grabbing a cup of yogurt as a mid-morning snack is an easy way to check off one of your dairy servings for the day.

By adding snacks to your daily routine, you’re also increasing the odds that you’ll get all of the essential nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

Consequently, making smarter snacking decisions gives your body what it needs and craves to provide you with the energy you need every day.  And as you make more and more smart snacking decisions, you may also experience fewer cravings in between meals and feel hungry less often.

Smart snacking can be a snap, too. Fruits, chopped vegetables, nuts, crackers and cheese are all great options to have at home or bring in the car or to the office.

Of course some snacks are easier to have on the go. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out these delicious snacks