Skylar Diggins: How I Prepare for Game Day

We all know it’s important to exercise and make smart food choices, but perhaps no one knows that better than WNBA star Skylar Diggins.

In the past few years, Diggins has risen from an NCAA-star to being the third overall 2013 WNBA draft pick. A combination of hard work and taking care of her body paved the way for where she is today. Diggins now shares these values with children as the newest board member of the GENYOUth Foundation, which allows Diggins to positively effect change for child health.

Developing – and maintaining – these high-performance standard takes a commitment. We sat down with Diggins before her season started to chat about how she fuels up and prepares for her games.

What do you do in the morning to fuel up for the rest of the day?

Diggins: I believe your body is like an ATM; you get out what you put into it. My trainer always encourages me to eat a good breakfast. That’s the start of your day whether you are going to work or you’re going to work out.

Currently your workouts focus on your upcoming season. How have your workouts changed over the years?

Diggins: Now that I’m in the professional world, you have to train differently. You want to work smarter and not necessarily harder for longevity. But it’s not all about training. Recovery is just as important as the actual training sessions.

So how do you recover from a workout?

Diggins: I think the best post-workout drink is low-fat or fat-free chocolate milk. I drink a ton of chocolate milk. Any good trainer is going to have their athletes drinking chocolate milk after the game. It’s so important to refuel your body and for your body to recover after strenuous muscle activity. So my go-to is always chocolate milk, and I drink it for fun, too. I just love chocolate milk. What can I say?

Do you have any other favorite foods that keep you going?

I love spinach, eggs, water. I have honey Greek yogurt in my fridge that I love. For a snack, I’ll eat 30 almonds and Greek yogurt. I have to have it.

It’s essential that I make sure by body is in tip-top shape. It makes no sense to come in here and work as hard as I do and go home and eat terribly.

You’ve shared that before every game your mom sends you an encouraging text. What else is a part of your pre-game routine?

You’ll see me listening to music. I’m a huge music head. I think music and sports are interrelated in the sense of a rhythm. That’s why you see a ton of athletes listening to music to get you in that mindset.