Celebrating Dairy Farm Moms

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s only natural for us to think about the moms in our lives who have made an impact on us. And in honor of those special women, we wanted to share the stories of some of our own: Meet some of our dairy farm moms. 

Mary Lou King insists she’s “just a farm mom,” but in 2013 the morning show hosts of LIVE with Kelly and Michel felt this Pennsylvanian dairy farmer was that and more – which is why they announced she won their national search for an “Unstoppable Mom.” Read more

Jeannie Wolverton has long days like many other moms. However, each day she helps produce more than 100,000 gallons of milk as a third-generation dairy farmer in southern Idaho. Read more

Jennifer Glover has a lot on her plate. Her family owns and runs a dairy farm in northern Georgia, along with a creamery where they bottle their milk, and make ice cream and butter. On top of that, she’s also an assistant principal at a local elementary school. Read more

When Jackson and Oralie Smith got married, they knew they wanted a big family. Eight boys later, they’re raising their family on a Utah dairy. Read more

Fourth-generation dairy farmer Sonja Ginn loves milking cows on her Maine farm. She hopes to hand it down to the next generation as it was handed down to her. Read more.  

Meghan Austin and her husband Brad manage Cindale Farms, a dairy founded by Meghan’s parents in 1994. Read more