Dairy Farmers Take To Instagram

March 15, 2016

When was the last time you had the chance to step foot on a farm?

For many Americans, the answer may be a while ago – if ever – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to connect with life on a farm. More and more farmers across the country are joining Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even Instagram, to better share their lives with people like you.

Instagram has become a favorite venue for farmers to capture moments on a dairy, and explain how they care for their animals. Here are more than a dozen farmers we suggest you follow on the photo-sharing network.

Looking for other folks to follow? Reach out to the farmers at your local farmers’ market to find out if they’re active on your favorite social network. 

@kjerseykids in Illinois
@jennideere in Maine
@the_farmers_wifee in Washington
@guernseydairymama in Oregon
@erica.d.429 in Washington
@calfadventures in Utah
@country_chick in Ohio
@richardsonfamfarm in Vermont
@danaefarmgirl in Wisconsin
@khump22 in Texas

@elmfarm in Connecticut

@chaseholmfarm in New York
@kilbycream in Maryland

@kerrfamilydairy in Arizona

@gilmerdairy in Alabama
@tzweber in Minnesota
@dairycarrie in Wisconsin
@sugarmaplejerseys in New Jersey
@nyfarmgirls in New York
@allwrightfarms in Indiana


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