Health and Wellness Professionals Connect People to the Origin of Food

As President of National Dairy Council (NDC) and Foundation Chair for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), it’s an honor to be involved with both of these organizations, because we share a similar mission to educate people about where food comes from and how it impacts health and wellness. NDC celebrated 100 years in 2015 and the Academy will celebrate 100 years in 2017! The century-long legacy of two organizations committed to public health and the leadership of dietitians who collaborate with other health and wellness professionals makes the future look very promising. Together, health and wellness professionals are working toward shared goals grounded in science to help meet people’s wants and needs for healthy, affordable and sustainable food choices.

In my recent travels, it’s been a true pleasure to speak with many health and wellness professionals to get an understanding of how to best connect people with where their food comes from. NDC recently hosted the Honor the Harvest summit, where thought leaders learned about how feeding people, feeding animals and feeding the land are interconnected and contribute to sustainable food systems.

As we complete the celebration of #100dietitians it’s truly an inspiration to see the passion and the work this group of dietitians do on behalf of America’s dairy farmers, in partnership with other health and wellness professionals, to tell the full story of how food gets to the table. If you haven’t had a chance to see the great work that’s being done in your home state to connect the public to the farm, please visit National Dairy Council.

As we look to the future, health and wellness professionals have the power to change the world by joining nutrition education and agriculture for a holistic view of health as we connect people with farmers and where their food comes from. I hope to see many health and wellness professionals join forces in leading the new conversation surrounding food and agriculture and educating the public about food, nutrition and agriculture!