Instagraphics: Fast, Easy and Convenient Education Tools

While the new year may have come and gone, dietitians and other health and wellness professionals continue to help clients set goals, whether to exercise more, manage weight or perform better.  

As a sports dietitian, part of my role is to develop, write and promote various educational opportunities for my collegiate student athletes. I work with other sports dietitians to develop educational tools to help teach collegiate student athletes how to fuel their bodies properly and, at the same time, get excited about nutrition – which  is something all dietitians have in common.

Recently, I worked with a team of dietitians from the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association and National Dairy Council to develop new and engaging materials. We created instagraphics to help empower student athletes to make positive changes to their training diets. From recovery nutrition to bone health, to lactose intolerance to hydration, each instagraphic provides sports dietitian recommendations and tips.

With the fast-paced world of athletics and everyone’s limited time, instagraphics are my go-to method for explaining a topic that isn’t always easy to portray because they’re visually appealing and provide concise nutrition information busy athletes can easily digest.

At the University of Virginia, our sports nutrition team will use these instagraphics as displays on our flat screens across the athletic facilities, in the weight rooms and in the athletic dining hall. Having the instagraphics rotate periodically will provide visual reminders to the collegiate student athletes about the important points they need to remember for fueling their bodies optimally through the year and the season. We will also use the instagraphics for team talks and handout, again, as a great way to keep the attention and interest of our collegiate student athletes.

And here’s the best part – you can use these instagraphics, too! Check out our sports nutrition instagraphics here. Let us know on Twitter @NtlDairyCouncil and @CPSDA how you use instagraphics with your clients!