Newlyweds Go Bold with a Wedding Cake Made of Cheese

January 20, 2016

Every bride wants to do something that makes the wedding uniquely their own with their own touch.

And while the wedding cake is often the one thing couples can have customized to their every whim, my husband and I are just not huge cake lovers. We still wanted to do something fun and after seeing an article in Culture Magazine we felt a cheese cake was the answer.  

Working in sustainability for dairy farmers, I tried to incorporate sustainability and farm to fork ideas into the wedding. We knew right away we wanted to feature the dairy farmers I had worked with over the years who I admired not only their great tasting cheeses but their commitment to community, family farming, and the environment. 

Finding the Farmers and Cheesemakers

I am so fortunate and thankful to have personally met and worked with many of the farmers and cheesemakers we considered for this cake including:

I had so much fun making the calls and listening to the reactions of their wishes for marriage, and how their cheese would be featured in our wedding cake.

How to Make a Wedding Cheesecake

What I didn’t expect was the logistical struggle of getting each wheel of cheese to our chef in time. So I worked with each farmer to set a special date for the cheese to arrive. It took a creative chef who grew up in Wisconsin to also fall in love with the idea! Chef Garbin at the Union League Club of Chicago, really was thoughtful and took the time to be creative with the idea. He helped to think through the logistics of cutting and serving the cheese so the cheese tasting could be ready for the guests at cocktail hour, yet still look like a wedding cake. A couple of tips

  • Contact and secure cheese and ask that it is mailed on a certain day with a label that says your name on the outside and inside (you don’t want your cheese to be used for something else)
  • Create a cheese display using old wine boxes and wood cutting boards. You will also need to buy cheese knives ahead of time.
  • Use black table clothes to make the cake and accoutrements really pop.
  • Stacking. Be sure to go from largest to smallest. Cut the wheels uniquely, and turn them and the stacked display so you show the beauty of the craftsmanship from the inside out. This allows you to have cut cheese pieces you can serve right away.  
  • Have the florist decorate around the display and create a floral topper so it looks extra special.
  • Set up the cake on a stand that has wheels. You can then wheel the wedding cheese cake later to the desert area after dinner. Tip: by making the cheese both appetizer and dessert it allowed us to cut back on other items and save some money. 
  • Food waste is a problem in the U.S., so I created little food take home bags. Besides, your guests will want to take home some of the amazing cheeses. You can put a little note or your monogram on it. 

Enjoying the Cheese

We made a cheese tasting menu card that focused not only on the typical type of cheese and location but added important notes as to what type of cow the cheeses came from and what the farm is doing that makes them uniquely sustainable.  Guests loved the cheeses but also commented on how interesting it was to learn more about the farmers.

Most of all I think people liked to say “cheese” as well as the little bit of culture we added to our wedding day. Pun intended.


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