Our Sustainability Story

For dairy farmers and the dairy community as a whole, “farm to table” isn’t only a catchy phrase – it’s the way they can help contribute to healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

More and more, that means finding ways to be more sustainable from sustainable agriculture that results in sustainable foods, and for some that means not just talking about farm to table, but also table to farm.

There’s a great deal to learn about food sustainability and how the dairy community is doing its part to become more sustainable – and you can help, too. Scroll through the ­slideshow below to learn more. 

What is the Carbon Footprint of a Gallon of Milk?

Learn more about dairy’s carbon footprint and what the community has done to reduce it.

Honoring the Harvest: How Dairy Farmers Transform Waste

Find out how dairy farmers partner with others to transfer food waste into natural fertilizer and renewable energy.

How Some Dairy Farmers Use Manure as a Natural Fertilizer 

See how farmers can use cow manure in place of commercial fertilizers.

Water: More Than Just a Refreshing Drink for Dairy Cows 

Learn more about the many ways farmers use – and more importantly, reuse – water on a dairy.

Dairy Farmers Turn Waste into Renewable Energy 

Some farmers use methane digesters to turn cow poop into electricity. Learn more here. 

Creative Solutions, Collaboration Help Preserve Dairy 

Read how one dairy farm family worked with its community to embrace sustainable solutions.

10 Ways to Curb Food Waste in the Kitchen 

When it comes to food waste, you can help too. Find some practical tips here. 

5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste 

Loved those tips? Find more helpful tips here!

Love Your Leftovers: How to Use up Dairy Ingredients 

Looking for other ways to make a difference? Here’s a way you can make the most of what you buy.

Discover Your Role in Recovering Food Waste

Everyone needs to eat, and growing food will always require the use of natural resources, and some of the biggest sustainability solutions come from reducing food waste. Learn more here.

Solving Food Waste: Start at the Source

The easiest way individuals and food-related companies can help reduce food waste is to make a plan to buy only what we know we’ll use.

Feed Families, Not Landfills

Find out more about how food banks across the country are rescuing tons of food on a regular basis. 

How Food Waste can Feed Animals Safely and Nutritiously

Several businesses are using innovative sustainability programs which are making a difference. 

From Food Waste to Energy: It's Here!

The technology now exists to use food waste to generate electricity with the help of anaerobic digesters and transform cooking oil into biodiesel fuel.