Where Does Food Come From?

More and more people are wondering where their food comes from — who produced it, how they produced it, how they care for their animals as well as their land. In fact, you may have asked yourself that question or someone may have asked you! If so, National Dairy Council (NDC) is here to help.

NDC is committed to being a part of the discussion to help educate people about food, nutrition and agriculture and dairy’s contributions to sustainable food systems. Our infographic, Honor the Harvest, tells the story about dairy, nutrition and agriculture. It’s not only about nourishing people, but also about feeding the animals, feeding the land and capturing uneaten energy, as part of a closed-loop system to honor the harvest – ensuring food is used for its highest purpose and optimizing resources along the way. Honor the Harvest is a great resource not just for health and wellness professionals, but others, including students, to better understand where dairy comes from and how it contributes to the health and well-being of people, communities and the planet.

School nutrition professionals will have an opportunity to learn about this at the School Nutrition Association’s (SNA) Annual National Conference (#ANC16). Attendees should stop by NDC’s booth #1137 to check out our interactive map that highlights food, nutrition and agriculture resources that are available from their Local Dairy Council as well as NDC. Here’s how we are demonstrating the farm-to-table concept:

  • Sample a Cancun Turkey Wrap (one of USDA’s recipes) that includes six farm products: turkey, cheese, corn, black beans, cilantro and rice
  • Take home a recipe card with cilantro seeds to plant and a cutting board so you can try the recipe when you return home
  • Enjoy tasting milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Follow the discussions online via #HonortheHarvest and #ANC2016

Plus, students are learning more about agriculture through NDC’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program that features a Farm to School play. Read examples of what schools have done from a youth perspective in GENYOUth’s In Brief, Farm to School

We can honor the harvest by educating people about how farmers respect our natural resources, providing the food needed to nourish us and preserving what is needed for the future. Then we can succeed in correctly answering the question, “Where does food come from?”

Find your Local Dairy Council and see what resources they offer by clicking here