Around the World with 5 Iced Coffees

In the summertime, drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee isn’t always the most appealing way to start your day.

Luckily, there are plenty of iced-coffee concoctions to keep you cool—and cultures around the world have perfected their own takes on this warm-weather staple.


What happens when you mix coffee with a cola and add chocolate milk? Think root beer float with chocolatey, double-caffeinated goodness. Find out for yourself with the Brazilian Mocha Cola Iced Coffee.


Many variations of the Thai iced coffee recipe call for sweetened condensed milk, which you might not always have on hand. If that’s the case, you can substitute whole milk, heavy cream or half-and-half. Get the recipe here.


Craving a coffee drink or a dessert? If the answer is “yes,” this special treat—brimming with ice cream, espresso and lots of cream—has you covered. Grab a pint of vanilla and share this one with a friend! Try out the recipe here.


The frappe is a popular drink on hot Mediterranean days, and the Greeks seem to have perfected it. Here’s a simple way to make a frappe in all its frothy glory.


Cuban coffee can be simply delicious, especially when it’s made in a French press. This recipe is technically for a warm Café Con Leche, but cool it in the fridge and add cold milk for a chilly alternative. Get the recipe here.