From Cows to Cats to Chickens: Celebrating Dairy Farm Creatures

Here at Dairy Good, we obviously love our cows, but that’s not to say we don’t appreciate all the critters that help make the farm a home, from cats and dogs to chickens!

When you’re on the fun-sized end of the spectrum, getting a good view of your domain can be tricky. Dolly the Jack Russell terrier manages to gain ground at Bateman Mosida Farms in Elberta, Utah, by climbing on top of the farm’s trucks. Steve Bateman and his family run the farm, which won a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award last year.

When you’re the odd one out, it helps if you can blend in with the crowd. That’s exactly what Ruby the goat does with this herd of young cows at Mulhair and Rowe Dairy Farm in Upton, New York. Ruby is a LaMancha goat, a dairy goat breed with naturally tiny ears—and while she looks like a mini Holstein, don’t expect her to moo!

At the Kuehnert Dairy Farm in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cindy Kuehnert doesn’t just care for cows; she also raises purebred Labrador Retrievers. Cindy’s grandchildren, including Allie and Bryar Kuehnert (pictured), love playing with the puppies. For her part, mama dog, Bella, looks like she’s ready for a nap and a babysitter.

Dairy farms and barn cats go together like milk and cookies. At Jones Robotic Dairy in Star City, Indiana, a pan of milk helps encourage the cats’ acceptance of people and creates a nice place to nap once the milk is all gone. Plus, the cats also earn their keep as they help farmers keep rodents and birds at bay—animals that would happily eat some of the nutritious food meant for the cows.

At Triple M Dairy in LaPorte, Indiana, you'll find a full menagerie. Besides the many cows, the Minich family also has several rabbits, a small flock of Isa Brown chickens, pygmy goats, two ponies, three dogs, several cats, guinea pigs and gerbils! With five kids to look after the pets, all the animals are spoiled and well-loved.

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