Getting Out of the Winter Rut: PUMP Up Your Resolution

As a registered dietitian, I’m frequently asked, “What can I do to stick with my resolution and help me reach my goal weight?”

For many people, January brings a new weight goal, and they take off on a diet journey. But by the time spring rolls around — or sooner — they have forgotten or pushed their New Year’s resolution aside.

There is hope! This spring try to PUMP up your resolution by focusing on protein and a diet higher in protein, which plays an important role in an overall balanced, healthy eating plan and can help you maintain a healthy weight. Here are some tips: 

Promote satiety: Though carbohydrate is your body’s preferred source of energy, a diet higher in protein may help control hunger. Combine foods with protein (e.g., lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, etc.) with fiber-containing foods (e.g., fruit, oatmeal, quinoa, whole grain cereals and crackers), because this may help keep you fuller longer. Think of snacks like oatmeal made with milk, cheese and crackers or peanut butter and apple.

Up the ante: Remember, maintaining a healthy weight is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Set a pace that allows you to stay on the journey, which also means being prepared. Have portable, high-quality protein snacks, like string cheese or yogurt with you at work or in the car. Diets higher in protein can help curb hunger and keep you on track.

Muscle strength: Higher-protein diets can help you achieve training goals. Powering up with high-quality protein throughout the day in combination with resistance exercise, can help you build and maintain muscle. Spread protein over the course of the day, starting with breakfast, so that you can help your body get the most from protein all day.

Persevere: Incorporating foods that contain both carbohydrate and protein, like dairy, into meals and snacks may help regulate blood sugar. Try yogurt and fruit, cheese and grapes or hummus and whole grain crackers.