Milk Your Meals for All They’re Worth!

Raise your glass! It’s World Milk Day. We’ve talked about how dairy is an enjoyable, nutrient-rich addition to your meals.

Here at National Dairy Council, we celebrate our dairy farmers, who bring us the milk that makes a cold, refreshing drink and also goes into making cheese, yogurt and other delights that are Undeniably Dairy. To celebrate World Milk Day, here are five of my favorite tips you can share with your audiences to help them enjoy delicious and nutritious milk:

  1. It’s great on its own. Many people don’t realize that milk is a nutrition powerhouse that provides protein and eight other essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D, which many Americans don’t get enough of, all for a reasonable cost.
  2. Milk is a convenient, on-the-go food. You can enjoy it at home or on the run. Just pour a glass or grab a single-serve container and enjoy.
  3. Milk is simple. The ingredient list includes milk plus added vitamins A and D – that’s it!
  4. Milk adds great taste and texture to your favorite foods. It’s delicious in savory or sweet dishes, served hot or cold. Love your latte? Thank milk for the taste and nutrition to start your day. Making a casserole or want a creamier soup? Low-fat milk can help other ingredients come together and adds that velvety feel you love. Want to layer in protein and more nutrition to your mashed potatoes or oatmeal? Yep, milk does that, too..
  5. It’s local. When people think local food, fruits and veggies typically come to mind right away. It’s time to add milk to that list! There are dairy farms in all 50 states, and guess what? You probably live within 100 miles of one.

Join us via social media in celebrating this tasty, versatile beverage that means so much to families all around the world with the hashtags #WorldMilkDay and #UndeniablyDairy.