Understanding the Vegetable Food Group (Food Models)

No matter if they’re raw or cooked, fresh, frozen or dried, most vegetables play a key role in providing potassium, dietary fiber, vitamins C and A and other nutrients for your health.

From serving sizes and nutrients per serving, National Dairy Council can help explain the vegetable food group with our online food models.

The food models are images that convey the serving size and provide nutrient content information of commonly enjoyed foods from the vegetable food group. To download the original Food Models Vegetable Group resource, please click the download button on the right and see our tips below. 

Baby Carrots

Baked Potato







Corn on the Cob

French-Fried Potatoes

Green Beans


Green Peas


Green Pepper


Hashed Brown Potatoes


Mashed Potatoes

Snow Peas


Sweet Potato


Tomato Juice

Tossed Salad


Winter Squash


*Note: Images are not life size or to scale.

Tips: By printing the PDF as double-sided, you can create your own Food Models cards. Simply print and cut out each item. Consider laminating the cutouts for additional durability. 

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