Happy Anniversary, Got Milk?

Here’s a happy anniversary to a cultural touchstone, the Got Milk? campaign, which launched 25 years ago. The California Milk Processor Board was behind the iconic ads, developed by San Francisco-based agency Good Silverstein & Partners. The phrase “Got Milk?” entered our lexicon and was responsible for a slew of "Got [blank]?” imitators and parodies ever since.

You can read more about the genesis of the ad campaign, including its well-known milk mustache sibling from Milk Processor Education Program, otherwise known as MilkPEP, and ad agency Bozell, in Fast Company.

Meanwhile, check out the ad that started it all, “Aaron Burr,” which referenced Alexander Hamilton before “Hamilton” was a thing:

Also, that ad was directed by Michael Bay. Want to see more? Here is a compilation of the top 15 “Got Milk?” ads:

And who can resist seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the campaign’s first Super Bowl ad?