A hotel...for cows? Katie Dotterer-Pyle runs the Cow Comfort Inn, a dairy that prides itself on showing people the ins and outs of exemplary cow care.

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Cow Comfort Is Clearly The Theme At This Dairy Farm

By Mélanie Berliet PUBLISHED ON 11/02/2018

Katie Dotterer-Pyle and her husband, David, who operate the Maryland based Cow Comfort Inn, are both third generation dairy farmers. Agriculture is in their blood, and the couple shares a two-pronged mission: to run a dairy farm where cow comfort is a top priority, and to educate people about life on a family farm.

From the break of dawn until 9:30pm, Katie and her husband tackle their dual purpose. Together, they tend to their 800 cows daily. When they can spare some time, they welcome visitors to their dairy farm for informational tours.

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