Undeniably Dairy

The melty slice of cheddar on your burger, a blast of whipped cream, the perfect schmear of cream cheese on your bagel; there’s no denying dairy adds deliciousness to every food and fun to every situation. That’s what dairy’s always been known for.

But lately, dairy is also getting recognized for our sustainable environmental practices on dairy farms and our responsible milk production. Like the fact that a dairy farm could be powering your home right now. And how the dairy industry employs millions of Americans—some of them right down the street from you. Heck yeah, that’s dairy!

From your classic dishes to cutting-edge environmental technology, we want everyone to know that there’s a ton great about dairy. But there’s also a lot of misinformation out there—so much so that it’s easy to get confused about what dairy even is. We can help with that too.

So the next time you’re enjoying your morning latte, the taste of dark chocolate, or (maybe) the light in your living room, you’ll know —